Brian was born and raised on Howell Mountain at Summit Lake Vineyards, a boutique family winery famous for its Zinfandel. Working alongside his parents and siblings, Brian developed an appreciation for the art and culture of winemaking, learning every step of the process from vine to bottle.

To formalize his education, Brian studied agricultural engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis. Here, he learned of his exceptional aptitude for identifying the intricate details of wine composition and terroir, and further developed his intuitive grasp of the elements essential to winemaking.

After graduation, Brian spent a year traveling the world to broaden and develop his knowledge of wine, stopping for a season of wine and rugby in New Zealand. Wanderlust abated, and palate for worldly wines temporarily satiated, Brian returned home to Napa Valley. He immediately began working with acclaimed consulting winemaker John Gibson, formally of Stags Leap Wine Cellars and Vine Cliff Winery. Here, Brian helped John make wines for celebrated clients including Snowden Vineyards, Andrew Geoffrey, and Salexis.

After apprenticing with Gibson for 3 years, Brian became the Assistant Winemaker for Duckhorn Wine Company's Paraduxx Winery. Under famed winemaker Bill Nancarrow's tutelage, Brian learned to balance the complexities of large-scale winemaking with the high standards and intricacies associated with top-notch, legacy brands.

4 years later, Brian was hungry to run the show and accepted the Winemaker position at Ledson Winery in Sonoma. Employing the skills and unique enological insights developed over his lifetime, Brian made over 82 wines per vintage from a catalog of diverse growing regions over his 4-year tenure at Ledson, and significantly elevated the quality of wines and brand.

Today Brian is the Winemaker at Peace Water Winery and 0wner at burgeoning Red Thread Wine Company. He lives with his wife and children just around the corner from his family winery on Howell Mountain.

....Brian is also an aspiring gopher hunter



They say every bottle of wine tells a story, so why can’t the label? Our storybook wines flip the script! While some wines improve with age, these wines improve with adventures! Each of our storybook wines is handcrafted to be easy-drinking, approachable (that’s right, screwcaps!), and ready for any occasion. Take them on a picnic, to a concert, or wherever your next adventure takes you!
To give your adventure planning a head start, our two storybook wines write their own adventure with their label design each year. Collect the labels in a dusty wine cellar if you must. But, enjoy the wine now on your next adventure!

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What’s the story behind the hippie girl with the groovy glasses? Every love story is an adventure…and hers is no different. Look closer into her eyes and watch as she tells the story of a boy and girl who embark on the greatest adventure of all, love.
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What better way to embrace the adventures in life than with Reggie, our 1966 21-window VW bus. Join Reggie on his road trip from Napa Valley to Indiana! In year one, Reggie Explores the City by the Bay and crosses the Golden Gate Bridge! Click below to follow along and see where Reggie goes next!